Our Fresh Catch

  • Tuna

    Wild caught yellow fin tuna caught off the coast, in the cold waters of Maine.

    Blue Crab

    Maryland blue crab is some of the best crab anywhere. Pickford's can pre-order #1 Jimmies and Jumbo when in season.

    Pickford's Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Spread

    Pickford's wild caught smoked Alaskan salmon made in to a homemade phenomenal spread.

  • Scottish Salmon

    Scottish Salmon has a velvet flavor. Medium texture and heavy, buttery taste. Great for grilling, broiling, & baking.

    New England Scallops

    These large scallops are the best dry pack on the east coast! Very sweet and light butter flavor. No seasoning required, just saute with butter. Only found at Pickford Seafood!

    Texas Supreme Shrimp

    21/25 Texas Supreme Shrimp are like mini lobster tails.