Tuesday's Fresh Catch!

July 20, 2021

Greetings to all, and I hope everyone enjoyed another lovely weekend?! I’m extremely sorry no one received my email last Thursday. The internet plays games with us from time to time. I placed an order for 50 pounds of smoked salmon strips for the Salmon Spread today. However, I was told there was no eta do to transportation issues. Please be patient!

Coming in Fresh Tuesday, July 20th.

*Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna

*Alaskan Halibut

*Alaskan Halibut Cheeks

*Skate Wings “this is a must try if you like scallops!”

*Scrod- young cod and very sweet! On many menus it’s just called “Cod.” Very delicious!

Maryland Rockfish

Cold Water Swordfish

Caribbean Mahi-mahi

Idaho Rainbow Trout “ head off”

Cold Water Scallops

Pickford’s Crab Cakes

Argentinian Wild Caught Shrimp

Texas Supreme Shrimp

Local & Domestic Sausage’s

Smoked Salmon Lox’s

Smoked Trout

LA. Gator

There are so many items to know and try in my shop, please come by and take a look around. If there is anything you would like to sample seafood wise, please let Jason or myself know.

Thank you for your patronage!


Will Pickford