Fresh Catch Tuesday At Pickford's Seafood And Gourmet..

September 25, 2023


Pickford's maybe opening shortly after 11:00 Tuesday, September 26th. Pickford is moving back to Harrisonburg, and Mark has a doctors appointment tomorrow morning.

Fishing was tight because of the storm.

Oysters are now coming in, and they are tasty!!

Sewansecott Oyster, Sewansecott Oysters have a firm, meaty texture; the taste, beautifully balanced with an initial briny burst of flavor mellowing to a sweet, delicate finish.


Fresh Catch Tuesday...

Jumbo Snow Crab Clusters (These Snow Crab Clusters are heavy, and extremely sweet)

Fresh Bigeye Tuna (Bigeye tuna has a mild, meaty flavor, with a higher fat content than yellowfin tuna. Sashimi lovers prefer it.

*oaked Chardonnay, Viognier or rosé.

Fresh Halibut (Halibut is the largest of the flatfish, from the same order, Pleuronectiformes, that includes other flatfish such as flounder, turbot, sole, plaice and fluke. It's a firm, meaty fish that is exceptionally lean, with a mild flavor that never tastes fishy. It has bright white flesh, and is usually sold in thick fillets and steaks. It's one of the more expensive fish, retailing for $25 per pound or more.)

*Pinot Gris, Chablis, and dry Rieslings all fit the bill. If you're a red wine devotee and feel like breaking the “rules,” try a lighter red like Pinot Noir.

Fresh Cold Water (Dry Pack) Scallops (Wild sea scallops are a low-calorie source of protein. Sea scallops provide a surprisingly high amount of omega-3s, as well as important vitamins & minerals like vitamin B12 (which can help prevent anemia, depression, fatigue, and memory problems, selenium (which acts as an antioxidant), and zinc(which helps to maintain a healthy immune system and heal wounds).

*Searing scallops enhances their sweetness and makes them a sure-fire match with chardonnay. Almost any kind especially white burgundy - it’s a great way to show off an older vintage. Old vine chenin blanc is also a good match. Champagne, especially a blanc de blancs is not too shabby.

Fresh Icelandic Cod (The most famous groundfish, Icelandic Cod, consists of a mild flavor and white, flaky meat that absorbs flavors like a sponge, making it a favorite protein source to add to nearly any recipe.

*Dry white wine like Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc pair best

Fresh Scottish Salmon
*As a general rule, rich oily fish like Salmon pair wonderfully with full-bodied white wines like oak-aged Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne, White Rioja, White Burgundy, and White Pinot Noir. However, depending on the preparation method and sauce, you can easily pair Salmon with rosé or light-bodied, low-tannin red wines.

Argentinean Wild Caught Shrimp

Wild Caught Texas Supreme Shrimp

Pickford's Crab Cakes

Argentinian Wild Caught Shrimp

Smoked Salmon Lox's

Smoked Trout

LA. Gator Meat

LA. Gator Sausage

LA. Andouille Sausage

LA. Boudin

Frog Legs

And so much more!

Also a large selection of Wine, Beer, and Gourmet Product's!

We thank you for your patronage, and support!

Kindest Regards, and thank you!!

Will Pickford
Pickford's Seafood And Gourmet
451 University Blvd