Fresh Catch Friday At Pickford's Seafood And Gourmet...

May 25, 2023


A lovely long weekend will be a lovely treat!

Once again I let my trust get the better of me! Someone, who I will keep nameless stood me up for 12 SOFT SHELL CRABS. Unfortunately I have no one to blame but myself! I guess some people think that business owners are made of money? If this were the case I would have a home in Barbados!

To the person that took advantage of my trust, please never contact, or visit my shop again! If anyone is interested in some beautiful Jumbo Soft Shell Crabs, please email, or call 540-208-1881.

Shame on me!!!

Fresh Catch Friday...

Jumbo Snow Crab Clusters


Arctic Char

Bigeye Tuna

Cold Water Scallops

Icelandic Cod

Scottish Salmon

And so much more!!

Thank you for your patronage, and support!

Kindest regards,

Will Pickford
Pickford's Seafood And Gourmet
451 University Blvd