Fresh Catch Friday At Pickford's Seafood And Gourmet.

September 22, 2022


It's disturbing to all business owners that for some reason there is a lack of labor? Myself, along with thousands of others are baffled at what's going on around the world. I really wish I could answer the phone, reply to text and emails, however I can't be everywhere at one time.

I'm trying my best to maintain my shop and customer response the best I can. Please be patient with me till I work this issue out. Believe me, I'm just as frustrated as you.

Just a reminder, I will be closed Saturday, September 24th. I'm moving from Fishersville to Bridgewater.

Beginning early next month there will be more and more activity at my new location. The city has approved my buildout , and my contractor will be working overtime to complete the job. If everything goes as planned I will begin moving asap.

Coming in Fresh Friday,

Jumbo Snow Crab Clusters

NC. Big Eye Tuna

Alaskan Halibut

Speckled Trout (Speckled trout are favored across the Southeast for their flavor and texture. Smaller fish are often cooked whole, stuffed with herbs and lemons. Sauté fillets on high heat to achieve a delicious crispy skin.)

Cold Water Dry Pack Scallops

Scottish Salmon

Icelandic Haddock

Pickford's Crab cakes

LA. Gator Meat, Gator Sausage, Boudin, and LA. Andouille Sausage.

Argentinean Wild Caught Shrimp

Wild Caught Texas Supreme Shrimp

A lovely variety of gourmet product's

A great selection of local and domestic Wine, Beer, Sake', and Ciders

Thank you for your patience. I promise, it will get better.

Kindest Regards,

Will Pickford
Pickford's Seafood And Gourmet
313 Neff Ave. Ste. C-1