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Pickford’s is now taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving Oysters by the Pint, Quart, and Gallons.
“Cut off for all oysters will be Friday, November 17th, at 10:00 am.”
Please call, 540-208-1881, email or visit, to get your preorder in.


Pickford is bringing in a lot of fresh whole fish to fillet, we appreciate your patience in advance!



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Misty Point Oyster
Misty Points are raised on exclusive grounds in the pristine seaside waters of Virginia. These top-shelf oysters are perfected through intense husbandry that creates their deep cups and great taste.

Saddle Rock
“York River Oyster.”
Saddle Rock are from the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound, and of medium size, with medium brine. Think of them as a larger, saltier Bluepoint.

Oysters in the Pint and Quart

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Extra Large Bering Sea Snow Crab Clusters
With its sweet, flavorful meat, Alaskan snow crab is popular with connoisseurs. … In Alaska, snow crab is harvested from the icy waters of the Bering Sea during winter months, when the legs of the crab are packed-full of delicious meat.


The name “Wreckfish” comes from inhabiting shipwrecks and “Stone Bass” from the rocky ledges. The Wreckfish packs on the moisture for body temperature regulation in cold waters. The species can grow very large all the while maintaining the silkiness and sweetness of Grouper.
Prepare larger cuts with moderate heat and the smaller fillet portions more quickly.
Ceviche, Saute, Broil, Poach

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King Salmon
Compared to Sockeye, Chinook has a higher fat content and therefore a more luxurious texture, and its flavor is a little less “wild” or robust.

“Pickford Fillets on site!”

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Flavor Profile: Rich, Creamy Taste. Cross between Tuna and Swordfish.

Texture Profile: Firm, Fatty texture
Harvest Location(s): U.S. from Hawaii, California, and surrounding high seas
Sustainability: By-catch by longliners fishing for tuna. 
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild Caught

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Flavor Profile: Mild flavor, White, and Flakey – Taste and texture is like a combination of crab and lobster

Texture Profile: Firm
Barrelfish texture is more firm than most, so it can be almost steaky, but the flavors are clean.  Really does well with heavy techniques like grilling and can hold up to big sauces and spice.
Harvest Location(s): Atlantic coast of North America
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild
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Puppy Drum
“Wild Caught!”

Flavor Profile: Mild, Sweet flavor
Texture Profile: Firm flesh, large moist flakes.
 Very abundant in the bays along the gulf coast, it’s a great sportfish and really lends itself well to big flavors. It’s my favorite (along with redfish) to serve blackened in a Louisiana type of preparation.
Harvest Location(s): Most abundant along Texas Coast.
Sustainability: Not typically fished for sport. High Population.
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild
“Pickford Fillets on site!”


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Scottish Salmon
High oil content which covers your palate then turns buttery with a long clean finish!

Fantastic with the Vermont Smoked Maple Syrup!”
“Pickford Fillets on site!”

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 Maryland Flounder
Flavor Profile: Mild Sweet Taste
Texture Profile: Lean, Firm, Flakey
“Pickford Fillets on site!”

Picture Provided by Bill Wightman
New England Scallops
Chef’s all over New England prize the delicate, Cape sea scallop for its exceptional delicious flavor and plumpness.  The day boat scallops are a true renowned delicacy.  No where else in the world can these clean, sweet, succulent scallops be found.



Image result for crabmeat 250 x 250Maryland Crabmeat
Maryland crab builds up fat deposits to survive cold Chesapeake winters, making its meat luscious and sweet. You can actually see the flavor in Maryland crab meat, which is marbled with yellow fat. By contrast, its Venezuelan cousin idles in warm waters year round, which is why its meat lacks comparable color and sweetness. And the Indonesian crab meat is a different species entirely, the blue swimming crab, which yields beautiful lumps of surpassing blandness.

“Yes, you can buy cheaper crab meat, but then you have to eat it!!”

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Cod Fish is sometimes referred to as the Chicken of the Sea, because of its white flaky meat and mild taste.  Atlantic cod fillets have a lean meat, with a mild flavor and large white flakes when cooked.

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Fresh Water Unagi
Unagi is prepared through the same traditional methods that have been used for thousands of years and which bring out the bold, rich flavors of the dish. Once the eel has been filleted and deboned, it is grilled over an open flame which serves to melt off the layer of fat which lies under the skin. The eel is then steamed, drained of oil, and basted in a sweet eel sauce. The final and most important step is the second grilling, allowing the eel to absorb the flavors of the sauce.  Unagi is often served on a simple bed of rice or as sashimi. Unagi sushi is called unakyu, and pairs the richness of Unagi with the refreshing crunch of cucumber.

Image result for crab cake dinner pics.Pickford’s Crab Cakes

Also available:
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Cajun Crab Dip
Vermont Smoked Maple Syrup
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Louisiana Alligator Meat
Crawfish Tail Meat
Cajun Crawfish Boudin
Cajun Pork and Rice Boudin
Lobster Meat Knuckle and Claw
Andouille Sausage 

Oyster Knives
New England Scallops 

Texas Supreme Shrimp
Frog Legs
Smoked Salmon Lox’s
Louisiana Dat-Dip Sauce
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