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Thinking about New Year’s, I need to let you know what Pickford’s Seafood schedule will be. Pickford’s will be closing Saturday, December 30th at 5:00pm and reopen Tuesday, January 16th at 10:30am.
Pickford is Going Fishing!! 

Next year you may see some fantastic changes at Pickford’s

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Oysters Pint, Quart, and Half Shell

Rochambeau Oysters
“Rappahannock Oyster Company”

Sweet and mildly briny with a clean crisp finish. The oysters are named after the French general
who came to the aid of the patirots at the Battle of Yorktown.
“A must for the New Year!!”

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Lobster Meat Knuckle and Claw
Maine knuckle, claw and tail lobster meat is handpicked, pre-cooked, flash frozen and vacuum
sealed to ensure you get the freshest flavor imaginable.
Perfect for lobster rolls, lobster stew, lobster mac & cheese and more!

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Golden Tilefish
Firm; tender meat similar to grouper; clean & sweet
Flavor is compared to lobster & scallop meat,
a reflection of a diet that consists of crustaceans, such as lobster and crabs
“Pickford Fillets on Site!”

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Flavor Profile: Delicate flavor that is similar to crab and lobster

Texture Profile: Small flake, firm flesh

Harvest Location(s): Texas

Sustainability: Sheepshead is under-fished which contributes to its sustainability

Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild-caught

“Pickford Fillets on Site!”

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Red Snapper
Flavor Profile: Mild flavor with subtle sweet undertones

Texture Profile: Lean, Delicate texture with fine white meat

Harvest Location(s): Tropical and subtropical reefs in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean Sea.

Sustainability: Managed by reef fish management plans by several federal and state organizations; typical management measures include minimum size limits, gear restrictions, and marine protected areas

Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild

“Pickford Fillets on Site!”

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Black Sea Bass
Black sea bass has a mild, fresh, somewhat delicate flavor and a tender but firm texture.
Uncooked flesh should be sparkling white and translucent, not opaque. The firm, lean meat cooks up snow white.
“Pickford Fillets on Site!”


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Striped Bass
Rock Fish
Lean with a mild, sweet flavor with a nutty accent

Texture Profile: Medium Flake with Medium Firm Texture
Harvest Location(s): Atlantic
Sustainability: Ample population, By-catch, Hook and Line
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild

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Scottish Salmon
High oil content which covers your palate then turns buttery with a long clean finish!

Fantastic with the Vermont Smoked Maple Syrup!”
“Pickford Fillets on site!”

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Flavor Profile: Mild Sweet Taste

Texture Profile: Lean, Firm, Flakey

 It’s born upright, but falls to one side, then the eye on the bottom migrates around to the top. They lie on the bottom, bury in and wait for shrimp and baitfish to come by then ambush. They feed mostly on shrimp, crabs and small baitfish, so their flavor is extremely mild and the texture is very light, almost to a fault. Flounder are not bottom feeders!

Harvest Location(s): Western Atlantic, European waters, Northwestern Pacific
Sustainability: Aquaponic Fisheries

Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild
“Pickford Fillets on site!”


Picture Provided by Bill Wightman
New England Scallops
Chef’s all over New England prize the delicate, Cape sea scallop for its exceptional delicious flavor and plumpness.
 The day boat scallops are a true renowned delicacy. 
No where else in the world can these clean, sweet, succulent scallops be found.


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Cod Fish is sometimes referred to as the Chicken of the Sea, because of its white flaky meat and mild taste.
Atlantic cod fillets have a lean meat, with a mild flavor and large white flakes when cooked.


Image result for crab cake dinner pics.Pickford’s Crab Cakes

Also available:
Vermont Smoked Maple Syrup
Smoked Louisiana Alligator Sausage
Louisiana Alligator Meat
Crawfish Tail Meat
Cajun Crawfish Boudin
Cajun Pork and Rice Boudin
Lobster Meat Knuckle and Claw
Andouille Sausage 
Oyster Knives
New England Scallops 
Texas Supreme Shrimp
Frog Legs
Smoked Salmon Lox’s
Louisiana Dat-Dip Sauce
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