Greetings, First off Pickford’s will be closed till 1:00 tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Pickford’s has hit the Jack Pot!!! Coming in Friday, BLUE FIN TUNA!!

I have been waiting 5 years for this moment!! Blue Fin Tuna is the Best Tuna in the world!! So sought after, professional anglers are only allowed to catch 2 Blue Fin a day! Pickford’s is the only Fish Mongerer in Harrisonburg or Va, to have this wonderful rare fish! 

Find any reason to buy this product, I doubt you will ever see it again?

Bluefin Tuna Flavor Profile. Bluefin Tuna has the darkest and fattiest flesh of all tuna. It has a distinctive medium-full flavor and firm, “meaty” texture with large flakes. It is best served as sushi or cooked rare to medium-rare.

This is the best of the best!!

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Thank you for your patronage. Hope to see you soon!

Will Pickford
Pickford’s Fresh Seafood