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Every once in a blue moon Pickford’s come’s across something truly wonderful! Today, I hit the jackpot!

Pickford is really going strong now, by filleting just about all Fresh Seafood that comes in! My products must taste like they just came out off the water, and the feed back I have been receiving is I’m there!

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Common Names: Stone Bass, Groper

Very Large Flaked Whitefish similar to Grouper
Sweet, Moist, Large Flake, White

 Wreckfish is a bottom dwelling large growing species that is very similar to Grouper. The Wreckfish can be found from 150′-2000′. The name “Wreckfish” comes from inhabiting shipwrecks and “Stone Bass” from the rocky ledges. The Wreckfish packs on the moisture for body temperature regulation in cold waters. The species can grow very large all the while maintaining the silkiness and sweetness of Grouper.
Prepare larger cuts with moderate heat and the smaller fillet portions more quickly.
Ceviche, Saute, Broil, Poach
“Pickford’s will be filleting this on site!”

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