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Pickford’s has finally found Sable Fish! “Black Cod.”

I will keep you posted on Blue, and Soft Shell Crabs.

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Great landings coming in Tuesday and Wednesday:

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Please keep in mind, Crawfish are running hard!

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“Black Cod”
Sablefish meat has a high fat content, which gives it a rich though fairly mild flavor. It has a distinctive taste all its own, “Butter!” Its high oil content also gives sablefish a soft, velvety texture.The flesh has large, white flakes and is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Because of its high oil content, sablefish has a short shelf life and must be handled with care. Great for Sashimi!!
“Coming in Wednesday”

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 Pacific Striped Bass
Wild Pacific Striped Bass are caught with hook-and-line along the Pacific Coast. Pacific Striped Bass have a mild, sweet flavor, and is moist and meaty.
“Coming in Wednesday”

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Golden Tile
Flavor Profile: Mild flavor with buttery hints due to a high fat content. Delicate and sweet.

Texture Profile: Large white flake. Similar texture to
lobster or crab.
Harvest Location(s):North Carolina
Sustainability: Bottom long line and hand line fishing techniques.
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild-Caught

 The texture is slightly firm, but it has a very nice flake and mild flavor, lending itself to many different preparations. They often on crabs and shrimp, so their texture ends up almost like a crabmeat with a little more bite to it. The meat cooks up almost snow white and tender.

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In Hawaiian, Ono means “sweet, very good to eat.” This well-known Pacific fish is deliciously cooked in a variety of ways. Ono feed near the surface in 30 to 50 fathoms along coastal ledges and are occasionally caught in open deep water. The vast majority of Ono are caught in Hawaiian waters by trollers. The fillets of the Ono are white and firm. Ono is delicious saut’ed, baked, broiled, grilled, or Sashimi.

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Flavor Profile: Mild, Sweet flavor, moderately high fat content

Texture Profile: Moist, meaty texture
Harvest Location(s): Available in oceans worldwide
Sustainability: High population
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild-Caught

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Rainbow Trout
Flavor Profile: Mild flavor with some mild nutty sweetness
Texture Profile: Small flake with a delicate texture
Harvest Location(s): U.S.
Sustainability: Easy to spawn and fast growing leading to a higher population.
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Both

 Rainbow trout is one of the most mild, flaky and tender fish there is. 

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Arctic Char
Clean, Mild Flavor

 It’s in the salmon family, but only lives in fresh water. The flavor is somewhere between trout and salmon. Very light and flaky, with an extremely delicate and light salmon flavor, derived from living in the river with salmon and eating salmon eggs for a living. Pickford get’s them wild from Alaska and Iceland
Texture Profile: Delicate
Harvest Location(s): Iceland
Farmed or Wild-Caught: Wild 

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#1 Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna has a medium-mild flavor with very firm texture. The flesh is deep red while raw, is often used for sashimi, and is best not cooked well-done as it looses flavor and becomes like cardboard.

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Unagi is prepared through the same traditional methods that have been used for thousands of years and which bring out the bold, rich flavors of the dish. Once the eel has been filleted and deboned, it is grilled over an open flame which serves to melt off the layer of fat which lies under the skin. The eel is then steamed, drained of oil, and basted in a sweet eel sauce. The final and most important step is the second grilling, allowing the eel to absorb the flavors of the sauce. Unagi often served on a simple bed of rice or as sashimi. Unagi sushi is called unakyu, and pairs the richness of Unagi
with the refreshing crunch of cucumber.

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Scottish Salmon
High oil content which covers your palate then turns buttery with a long clean finish!

Fantastic with the Vermont Smoked Maple Syrup!”

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Jonah Claws
The claw and leg meat from rock crab is pink with a sweet, delicate flavor, quite similar to Dungeness crab. This species often known as Atlantic Dungeness.

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Flounder have lean white or off-white flesh that’s fine-textured and mild in flavor. The skin is edible, and usually quite tasty.

Habitat: Northern waters of the Atlantic and pacific
Flavor Profile: thin flesh, mildly sweet flavor, small flakes

 You can do almost anything with flounder fillets, which are particularly good seasoned, flour-dredged, and pan-fried. Fillets should be cooked briefly (less than 5 minutes)–be sure not to overcook them, or they’ll dry out and fall apart. Once the fillet turns opaque white, it’s done.

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New England Scallops
Chef’s all over New England prize the delicate, Cape sea scallop for its exceptional delicious flavor and plumpness.  The day boat scallops are a true renowned delicacy.  No where else in the world can these clean, sweet, succulent scallops be found.
“Except at Pickford’s!!”

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Cod Fish is sometimes referred to as the Chicken of the Sea,

because of its white flaky meat and mild taste.

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Pickford’s Crab Cakes

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