Pickford's Standards

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Pickford wants to apologize for the lack of product today! For the past several months I have been working with a distributor that is consistently delivering the product late! At one point, I was told to order extra product knowing the delivery would be late.

First of all, I will never over stock products. This goes against EVERYTHING PICKFORD’S FRESH SEAFOOD STANDS FOR! I must have the freshest products in my store withen 24 hours or less, this is a demand I put on my vendors. If this cannot be achieved, I will send all products back like I did today.

You have put a lot of trust in Pickford’s Fresh Seafood, and I will NEVER sell something that does not meet my standards!

Today, I let a distributor go because they could not meet my standards!

You expect the best, and I expect the best! 

Sorry for the inconvience, but I am very strict with who I do business with! 


Will Pickford
Pickford’s Fresh Seafood